Vagheggi Skincare

The Story & Vision

Vagheggi is a continually evolving company that has always remained loyal to its vision of beauty and its mission to produce phytocosmetics.


Thanks to almost 40 years experience, this intuition today enables Vagheggi to meet widespread, better-informed demand for authentic naturalness and real wellbeing that respects the environment we live in.


When selecting its raw materials, Vagheggi follows careful fair-trade and sustainable development policies, using suppliers that comply with local and international laws to protect and develop the environment which interact with the local community, providing jobs and maintaining the traditional harvesting and processing techniques.

The Lines


From the phytocosmetic DNA of Vagheggi, its formulas, inspired by nature, are pure, essential and certified Cosmos Organic and Vegan to finally offer authentic, functional and effect organic skincare. Furthermore, this line brings a unique sensory experience where each texture has been designed to evoke maximum well-being.

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'Quenching' the skin and hydrating it, inside and out, are fundamental steps for any skin type and, in particular, for those prone to dryness and dehydration. Cosmetics in Rehydra Line have specific solutions designed for different environmental conditions. They are created not only to 'quench'the skin tissue from the outside, but also to help the skin hold on to water naturally, restoring internal balance and keeping it constant over time.

REHYDRA Products & Prices



Skin imperfections (dilated pores, shine, uneven bumps, outbreaks), often more frequent during puberty, but also at other times, are caused by excess sebum production and factors such as stress and pollution, which alter hormonal balance. The Balance Line comprises of specific skincare products studied to combat combination and oily skin, with blemishes, freeing it from toxins and impurities that accumulate daily on the surface, for a day-long uniform, matt appearance.

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Emozioni Plus

Emozioni Plus, a product line, entirely designed for all types of sensitive skins, that intervenes with innovative strategies on the manifestations of imperfections due to mind/skin connection. 'Relax the emotions of your skin'. For reactive, irrated, sensitive and/or intolerated skin with reduced defences, and tolerability levels.

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